How to include GlobalID in form from Survey123 Connect

07-19-2022 01:18 PM
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Hi S123 Community,

I want to embed a survey123 form in a dashboard so it can be edited. From what I've read my understanding is, I need to provide the GlobalID which I assume means making it viewable in the s123 form.

I created this form in connect and will need to add in the GlobalID, which is called GlobalID and republish it. GlobalID is a reserve word though, so I can't save the spreadsheet. Are there any work arounds for this? We've been using this form for a while now. There are a lot of records, so going back to the start and creating a new/ renaming the GlobalID field to something else isn't really an option.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you made the form in Connect it should already have globalID for all records? I'm curious which example youre following

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@Kassa Yes, it does have globalIDs. I'm trying to expose it in the form so I can use it as an embed widget in Experience Builder. The survey widget > edit option doesn't seem to be working for me. Going back a few steps, what I am trying to achieve is edit a related table. 

I create the original record by clicking on a polygon in the map, this then triggers the survey widget to carry over attributes. The problem is users are making typos and needing to update what they've filled out, so I thought I could try this method. Open to other suggestions though. There's likely a better way to do this.

If it turns out it won't work because the record is related and not a spatial feature on the map, I trigger the edit form by click on a list of the existing records.

This is the article I'm following.

This is the error I'm receiving and why I want to try and expose the globalid in the Survey123Connect. I'm still fairly new to Survey123Connect, so I could be missing something obvious here.



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@elpinguino I've had issues with this in the past. When you are referencing the Globlal ID field using the command similar to:<survey_form_ID>?mode=edit&globalId={GlobalID}&version=latest

You need to be careful as the field referenced in the curly brackets is case sensitive. Check the Fields infomration in ArcGIS Online





If it is like the image above, the url string needs to be edited as follows<survey_form_ID>?mode=edit&globalId={globalid}&version=latest


Hope this helps

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Hi @Richard_Purkis , Thank you for your help. That did get me a little further.

  • I re-checked the casing for GlobalID in brackets in my original feature service. Updated this.
  • I also came across this thread, which directed me to check my settings in Survey123 web. I had published this survey so long ago that I was using the original S123 version. I've updated this now to always use the latest.
  • I have my survey settings so users can add and update records. I did a quick test to see if I enabled deleting too if that would fix the issue it didn't. Some more context. This layer sits within a feature service. I'd prefer to keep it so users can't delete because there are other layers in the feature service that have data we don't want them accidently deleting.
  • I'm getting this error now though...
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I didn't know embedding surveys was an option in dashboards.  Looks pretty cool...I'm going to try it.  Is your form writing to an existing service?



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@DavidForbuss1 Yes, it writes to an existing service.

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