How to Format Month as Text in Survey123 Feature Report

11-23-2020 10:47 AM
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I'm trying to create a feature report for Survey123 where the survey populates an existing form format. In that format, the text reads:

"Signed on this ____ day of _______, 20__." 

Is there a way to include the month in that blank as a text field of the actual month, without 12 different conditional statements?


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If you are using Survey123 to capture the data, you could always extract the month in the survey itself rather than at the report end.

In Survey123 Connect this would be a calculation like this: format-date(${your_date_field},'%b'). Then in the report you could just reference this field. I don't use the web builder, so not sure how this looks in that environment. These could be set to hidden fields that are only used for the report so they don't change the look of your survey.

Day: format-date(${your_date_field},'%d')

Month (as txt): format-date(${your_date_field},'%b')

Month (as a no.): format-date(${your_date_field},'%n') or format-date(${your_date_field},'%m')

Year: format-date(${your_date_field},'%Y')

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