How to create a Survey to an existing hosted feature layer related table

08-29-2019 01:06 PM
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I have a hosted feature layer that also has a related table I used the following Demo Video by ESRI Ireland to set it up - Designing Related Records in ArcGIS Pro for use in ArcGIS Online - YouTube . 

I want to now create a survey that can add records to the related table that get included back to the correct parent feature in the map. Easy example, if I have a layer of stop signs with ID's and a related table with inspection records. I want the survey to populate a new inspection record that references the ID of the Stop Sign so that when I click on the Stop Sign in any Map product that survey inspection table record is included on that asset. 

I've been able to create a survey in S123 Connect with the feature service option and selecting the stop sign layer. then following the directions below create a survey that does populate a new record in the related table but does not attach itself to any features.

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You are a brave man! 

You are correct: you must make the inspection table a layer (must include a shape field with  points) and it must be listed first in the feature service. Survey123 will look for the layer with index 0.


Updated response June 15: In 2.0 and newer versions, you can create a survey that works against an existing related table. In Connect, go to New Survey, then select Feature Service and pick your feature service from the gallery. Once the XLSForm is loaded, eliminate the questions relative to the parent layer. Eliminate the rows with the  begin and end repeat statemnts. Then change the FormID value in the Settings tab so it references the name of the related table you want to edit.

I can accomplish this workflow using Collector but my end goal is to publish this survey to the public so that people without ESRI Licensing can contribute data. Collector does not have this ability. 

Thanks and look forward to any help


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Hi Damon,

Given that you posted in a response from another post, I'm not quite sure where you are needing help.  Is it at:

1) Creating the survey for the related records

2) Creating a hyperlink to open the survey and populate the parent's information in the form?

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