How to add a dynamic dropdown list on Survey123

02-07-2020 09:36 AM
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Hi there,

My boss ask me to challenge such a question in Survey123: Is it possible to add a dynamic dropdown list based on calculation result from other fields in  survey sheet?

for example, I have a repeat static dropdown list  for all crew members, I start a project, pick 5 members for this project, then in the next step, I need dynamic dropdown only contains these 5 members to assign different tasks for each of 5 members, so I don't need to pick 5 members from 20,000 items' dropdown list.

another example: if I have a  cell in Excel to accept parameter data from URL to open Survey123, and I need to parse this value to become a dropdown list. I can parse the string to become an array using JavaScript code, but don't know how to make this array become a dynamic choice, see attached image. Thanks.


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I also really wish you could but you can't.  Since the lists are tied up in domains that makes sense.  But for sure it would be nice.

Closest i get is to change the choice filter based on previous answers.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @AlanSS ,

You cannot use a dynamic content as list name but as @DougBrowning also mentioned in previous comment, you should be able to achieve this by using choice filters and cascading selects. You can use the sample survey that is available in Connect (also an edited version is attached to this post) to see how it works and if it could be a workaround for you.




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