How is data transmitted from Survey123 to AGOL

02-28-2020 07:46 AM
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Hi all,

We are developing a Survey123 application for a customer. The customer has sent me a Privacy Impact Assessment form to fill out. One of the questions is:

Can the data be transmitted in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format?

I assume the answer to this question is Yes. ArcGIS Online uses a REST interface over HTTPS. The data transfer format is JSON. 

Is this correct?

Thanks for the help.


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Here is something that can help you out possibly.

ArcGIS REST API | ArcGIS for Developers 

Also, one other thing to think about would be the possible use of a "webhook" to help transform the Survey123 data submittal JSON into an "AI readable" format that you need. "Integromat" or "Power Automate" are two possibilities for webhooks that could parse or translate the JSON into the AI format that you need?