How do you add "concat" to a calculation in Survey123 Web Designer

05-18-2022 02:11 PM
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I'm used to Survey123 Connect where I use the calculation concat(string(${ycoord})," " ,string(${xcoord})) in a geopoint question to place a point on the map.    The xcoord and ycoord questions are populated from long/lat attributes in an existing layer on a map.

I now have to create a survey with Web Designer, and its a bit of a mind-shift.  I could work out how most of this works, but I'm now at the point where I need to calculate the geopoint.  I assume that I have to add a Map question with no default location, and make it a Cache answer.  

When I go to edit the calculation, I there's nothing available in "Select a question" or when I try to extract data. I even tried to create the xcoord and ycoord as text fields and then create a text field with a calculation to  concatenate the two - so that I have a field to use in the Map calculation - but there's still nothing to select...

I'm a bit stumped at this point....

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