How do i show a survey as submitted or approved in Survey123?

06-05-2020 06:52 AM
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I have created a 2 surveys for damage assessments. The first survey is used in the field to collect the damage assessment. The 2nd survey is based off of the same feature layer as the first survey and is used to review and edit the initial survey. I have also created a dashboard with the 2 surveys as described here:

I would like the first survey to show that it has been submitted and the second survey to show that it has been approved. I am not sure how to do this. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Wade, Bryan‌,

A general idea for this scenario would be using two feature layer views from the same source feature layer for the two surveys.

For example, there are two fields in the source feature layer: isSubmitted, isApproved. isSubmitted field is only visible to the first feature layer view/survey while isApproved field is only visible to the second feature layer view/survey.

For values in these two fields, isSubmitted is set automatically to "Submitted" while the first submitting, and isApproved only is changed after reviewing by your authorized staff.



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Thank you! I know how to create the feature layer views, but how do I create the two fields in source feature layer? Are those fields I need to create within the survey itself? I've never done this with a survey before and its layers before.

Bryan Wade

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