How do I put a vote in for a feature to have an Option to Remove Favorites?

08-01-2017 07:18 PM
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We have too many field workers using the Favorites tool.

Just an option somewhere in the project to remove the favorites button.

Yes we ask them not to during training, but there's always one...

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by Anonymous User
Not applicable gets even more complicated when they share this knowledge with other co-workers. In my experience, I have learned not to fight their urge to do it, but rather educate them on what to do when they decide to use this function in order to get the results that I expect. This approach has worked better, then attempting to limit them or find ways to prevent them from doing so. Had the same issue within the Collector app and the introduction of :create a feature like the last at this location". I had to educate them on the issues that they were creating and then educate them on "If you decide to use this method, then I expect this in return..." and it seems to have worked out for us.

However, having the ability to turn on and off this function would be nice as well.

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