How do I create a geopoint with passed parameters?

10-22-2019 04:37 AM
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I have a survey that I have passed the latitude and longitude parameters from a point on the map. I need to create a geopoint from the lat and lon field. I would like to put in the default field. The lat and lon are already in decimal degrees. I've already read GeoPoints and Calculation on Geopoints and I'm still stuck. 

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Hi Joe, 

There are 2 ways to set the location of a point based on your description:

  • Include the location in the URL parameters using the center=<lat>,<lon> parameter
  • Calculate the geometry using something like concat(${lat},  ' ', ${lon})
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@JamesTedrick as posted here I opted to simply use the "&center=<lat>,<long>" option. This works to place the point on the correct location on the map within a survey. However, the warning message shown below pops up after a few seconds unnerving the user. Is there a way to suppress this somehow? (my Geopoint must remain editable so the user can fine tune the location)




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