How do I clear the login credentials

06-05-2019 03:02 PM
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I have logged in to an android tablet with my enterprise log in credentials, I want to let another user use the tablet.  When they try to sign into the same enterprise via their log in credentials they are logged in as me.  I have tried rebooting and uninstalling however the problem persist.  How do I make the APP forget me?

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I had the same issue here:

A very helpful Tech gave me this work around:

  1. Configure a portal connection in Survey123 for ArcGIS, toggling on 'Use external web browser for sign in'.
  2. Sign in to the new portal. 
  3. Sign out of the portal. 
  4. Clear the browsing history of the browser used for sign-in. 
  5. Signing in now prompts for credentials, and another user can sign in and use Survey123 for ArcGIS.