How Can I Use the Hosted Feature Layer's GlobalID as the Instance_Name for a Survey?

07-06-2020 11:41 AM
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I created a Survey123 form using Survey123 Connect.  When I published the survey, the Hosted Feature Layer that was created includes a GlobalID field.  I want to use that GlobalID as the Instance_Name so that the records that appear in the Survey123 Inbox are identified by the GlobalID.  The GlobalID does not appear anywhere in survey's XLSForm.  How can I use the GlobalID as the Instance_Name?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Shoshana,

This is not supported or currently possible due to limitation of xls form and xml conversion. For a field to be used in the instance name in the xls form, it needs to be a question/field in the name column in the survey sheet. Currently system fields from feature service are not displayed in the survey form as they are managed only by the feature service behind the scenes.

If you can populate/mirror a field in the feature service with the globalid and have it available in the form as a standard text field, then you could use this as the instance name.



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