How can I have users select multiple points from a feature class within a survey?

07-31-2020 02:33 PM
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I am interested in either have users draw polygons around point data to indicate use of those points, or be able to select points from a feature class and the proceed to answer Survey123 questions based on that selection. What is the best approach to do this? 

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Hello Jamie Trammell‌, 

The approach will depend on a few factors. The main factor being those points already existing in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. 

If those points already exist and you want your survey submitters to draw polygons around those points then you can create a survey that uses a geoshape question in it. You can then add a web map containing the points and the survey's hosted feature layer as linked content and the survey submitters would be able to draw new polygons around the points and see existing polygons already drawn. 

If those points already exist in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise and the questions you want answered in the survey are already fields in the service you can create a survey based on the existing feature service all the questions will automatically come through in Survey123 Connect. You will be able to add calculations and visual customization that you would like to make the survey experience better. To edit the existing points you can enable the Inbox if your submitters are going to be editing from the ArcGIS Survey123 Field App or you can use the ArcGIS Survey123 Web Form URL parameters in a web map or web app if you would like your submitters to use a browser. 

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