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How can I forbid the operator to change selection in select_one once that there is already a selection?

07-12-2023 04:06 AM
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I am working on a survey that collects issues as they are found during an inspection.

you set the location, then a repeat allows you to add from a list as many issues as you need to.

  • add the first, and take a picture.
  • click on plus +, and you add a new issue and take a picture...

is there a way I can forbid the operator to change the previous selection?

the customer is worried that the operator will change the selection with the new issue instead of clicking on plus and add a  new one

I am trying to use the constraint with once()

like:  once(string-length(${Issues_image)!=0)

to say if there is already an image taken you can't change, but I do not think I am doing something correct.


Any idea?



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