How can I access the submit/save button click event in Survey123 Form?

02-04-2021 08:21 AM
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     In my Survey123 Connect Form, how do i access the submit/save event?

     The Save event is available in WebApp Builder Smart Editor. We use it to verify values and alter values using condition statements. If uniqueID = null, assign max ID +1. Things like that. Basically scrubbing of the record so it plays nice when its imported back to the geodatabase.

     However, we are looking to migrate to Survey123, as Web App Builder does not work offline.

     So, back to my question, I am not sure how to access the Save Event in Survey123. Would i need to modify the application in AppStudio? If so, can someone direct me to where the save event is in the Survey123Template for AppStudio?



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Hi @ScottLehto3 

Before you go and modify the source code of the Survey123 field app, I suggest you look at ways to validate your form data using XLSForm expressions, or a custom JavaScript function.  Survey123 smart forms can be configured to check input data. You can start here:    A simple expression in the XLSForm constraint column may be all you need.

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Yeah, you got a point. I've been playing with constrains and required fields
and a lot can be done there.

I'm in the process of taking a custom WebApp Builder Smart Editor Widget and
making it a custom Survey123 app to take advantage of offline editing. Its
definitely been easier said than done as these environments and wildly
different to work in, but we are getting there.

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