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03-19-2020 05:06 PM
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Hello all, 

Is there any way to hide a populated question based on other questions triggered?

For example,

- a user answered yes to question 1 so it triggered an input form(questions in group) for the additional information. User will fill out this form at the end of the survey.

- And then the user keeps carrying out the next question 2. Due to 'no' answer to question 2, this triggers "contact the company directly" message (note1) (this is not taking any value, it will be a message in a note format).

Since the user was asked to contact the company directly, the input form won't be required anymore. So instead of leaving this input form visible, I want to hide it so that the user only see the contact message.

so here is what I am looking for

- hide populated questions when another item is triggered.

- the item that makes the populated questions hidden does not take any value. It is a note format. So maybe its status is just active or non-active. cannot use selected(${note1}, 'yes or no')

- Can I use any syntax like '${note1} not activated'  in relevant field of input form group? So it is only activated when note1 is not activated.



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Hi Jay,

Just to clarify - is this about not showing a populated field (field with a value) that still needs to send data or hiding a field based on 2 conditions (q1 = yes, q2 = no)?  Given your problem, it seems that it's the second.  This can be accomplished simply by providing the 2 conditions in the relevant column:

selected(${q1}, 'yes') and not(selected(${q2}, 'no'))

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Hello James, thanks for your comments. I was not sure if I could use 'not' in front of selected. This is so helpful. 



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