Hide Geopoint when Survey is created from a Feature Service

05-20-2021 11:16 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am trying to hide the Geopoint Question when I created a Survey Based off an existing Feature Service and Survey123 connect keeps throwing errors. Basically, when you create a Survey in Survey123 Connect based on a Feature Service (Pic 1) it automaticaly adds in a geopoint field as the first field(Pic2). I am making most of the fields read only in the xls except for the reviewer fields at the end bc I am embedding it in a Dashboard for review following this method. 


It works great except at the top right of my survey i have the Geopoint map. Its read only so its not tne end of the world but its just exessive since its linked to the map directly to the left of it and we already have the geometery captured (Pic 3).

I have tried to set it to be a hidden field or to only show up as a relevant question based on other answers but it throws the 'The custom featrue service submission_url is not compatible with this survey. Fields not foudn in the feature service: 1'. 

Since its created from a feature service you can't hide fields in the visibility tab like a regular layer. 

It just shows up as Form in AGOL. 


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by Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Did you manage to resolve your question above?

It should be possible to make the geopoint question hidden using the hidden apperance and this will not affect the feature service (whether it is existing or not). The same should apply if you remove the geopoint from the xlsx file and republish.

Did you make any other changes to the form that may be given that error regarding changes to the feature service, such as renaming any of the questions in the name column?



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