Hide all previous questions with answer 'no'

12-18-2019 01:25 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

I want to quickly show all the answers that are saying "no" in survey123. By clicking 'yes' to the review question. Is that possible in Survey123 by using the relevant field?



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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Alex,

No, this is not possible. When you use relevant there is no value stored for the question that is not relevant, they are null. So if you had a question set by relevance that already has an answer of "no" from previous collect or edit session, the answer will be nulled out if you make it not relevant and relevant again.

You could try setting a default or calculation of "no" on those none relevant questions, so that when the user changes the review question to "yes" they become relevant and have "no" set. This may work but will depend if you want the "no" answer stored in the feature layer also when not relevant.

There may be some other ways and workflows you can configure the form however to achieve what you are after. Do you have an example xlsx form of your survey and the questions?


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