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10-08-2021 12:54 PM
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I'm trying to figure out a mechanism for approval of multiple survey entries using an embedded form in a dashboard that exposes an approval question for "approved" or "reject with comments" choices based on a supervisors review.  It would work on one at a time approvals, but I need a way to edit (approve) multiple entries in one submission based on an employee attribute query.  I am aware of the multiple attribute edit widget but it uses a spatial query and my data is flat so an attribute query would be needed. 

Below is a screen capture of the form and one selected entry in blue that has populated my embedded approval form but need to select all entries for this employee.

The submit is also going to trigger an Integromat email webhook notifying supervisor and employee of approval so maybe I can do the multiple edit as part of the webhook?



Thank you for any help on a work around process I could potentially use for this.


Steve Harouff

GIS Manager WV Division of Forestry



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Survey123 is built for editing features one at a time. If you need to batch edit attributes, you're probably going to need to use a different application.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thanks @jcarlson  for the reply do you have a suggested application that could do this? And I expect there are a few options being we're working within Esri.


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