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Help create repeating template

09-02-2019 05:07 PM
New Contributor

I am trying to create a report from survey123, the survey I use is a repetition type to take photo and audio at the same time. So I have cases like these.

         repeat 1> photo

         Repeat 2> audio

         repeat 3> photo and audio

         repeat 4> photo

         repeat 5> photo and audio
When using my template, I have two lists, one of photos that I would have to have a continuous enumeration (Photo 01, Photo 02, Photo 03, Photo 04) and another one of audio (audio 01, audio 02 and audio 03) , but the values are doubling each time one of these is empty.

Could you help me by explaining what kind of sentence I can introduce to stop duplicating the photo and audio values.

I enclose my survey, template and my result

Thank you

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Jorge,

It looks like you would want to use conditional statements to determine if a photo or audio segment was submitted for a give repeat.  You can use ${q|getValue:"name"} or one of the hidden questions to check to see if an attachment exists for a given question and use that in an ${if } {/} statement.  An initial guess would be

${if Confoto='true'} {/} 

To display information when only a photo is present.

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