having issues attaching picture after survey data is collected

03-09-2021 06:42 AM
by Anonymous User
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hello there

I am using survey 123 with some field staff who collect  data   and our survey is a point layer. we have  existing data from years past where we want and might have to update our jpeg which is usually take  from a map series created in Pro.   For new submissions i can create a pciture but  previous ones i cant go back into the survey field box and submit a pic. I am able to do this in Pro, in the map viewer and also through AGOL. The issue is when we go to export in report format the picture comes up black. is there a workaround to this or is the best way to attach the jpeg is in the word document itself.  thanks


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Hello @Anonymous User, 


Survey123 uses attachment keywords to associate images to questions when running reports. Since the attachments are being uploaded through ArcGIS Pro the keywords are not being added to the attachment like they are when submitting new records through Survey123. 

Please use this link for more information on attachment keywords and a workflow for updating them: https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000024606

We have been working on a Python script to help automate this process, but is very much still in progress. The script assumes one of two things, either there is only one image question in the survey which the script will ask for the keyword to use, or the images attached to the features have the name <attachmentKeyword>-<upload_timestamp> which is the default image name when a photo is taken or uploaded in the Survey123 Field App. I have uploaded a copy of the script, but would suggest testing with sample data first to confirm it works as you are expecting. 

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