Has anything changed recently with URL parameters/dashboards?

01-20-2022 09:34 AM
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Hello! I have a process where a survey is submitted, signed on one dashboard and approved on another. I created the survey in Survey123 Connect and use Relevant logic, url parameters and pulldata("@property", "mode") = 'edit' to dictate which questions show up on the survey or the respective dashboards. I had the url parameter/process working, but I made some changes to the survey and now I can't edit the dashboard, the url parameters, or interact with the survey without getting a chrome "Aw Snap" crash. I even reverted back to original url parameters and took out the new stuff I had added to the survey and it still isn't working. There are no problems submitting the original survey, just trying to interact with the embedded content on the dashboard. I will attach my xlsx file and the URL parameters I'm using.

Really not sure what's up with this, but thank you in advance for any suggestions!

First dashboard url configuration:


Second Dashboard URL Configuration: 



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I only use the app so it may be different but the word field needs to be in there like this


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@DougBrowning The embedded survey shows up correctly, but when I try to change/add an answer the page stops responding


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Is the crash only occurring on Chrome or have you tried multiple different browsers?

Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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@GIS_Fox It has crashed in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.