Getting operation rolled back send error with survey that uses pulldata()

08-09-2022 01:15 PM
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Hi, I’m looking for suggestions for an error I’m getting in Survey123. I have a survey that uses the pulldata() function to populate fields from a feature service. When I test the survey on the mobile app, I am unable to send the form, getting a Send Error that says Operation rolled back

I have tried removing bind::esri: constraints and I have ensured that the mobile Survey123 app and the Survey123 Connect apps are the same version. I have tried changing the publishing options for both Enable Sync and Use global ID parent keys in repeat relationships. The app works as expected from browser. 

I've attached an excerpt from the log.


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This is usually when you try and put too much text in a field.  Text fields default to 255 so if your pulldata returns anything over that it will fail.  You also may have made the field length smaller.  One example would be a StateCode field of length 2 where someone tried to enter Arizona.  It will not fit.  

Check that. Hope that helps

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