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getting location from either address or map point

05-30-2023 09:27 AM
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I have crews that will visit a location often by a provided address or at times a more general location reference (intersection of 1st and Central, the 5000 block of X street, etc.) and the user will have to move the map point to the specific property they are looking at. In the case of a provided address, I want to set the map location geopoint using the address. However, I'd like to use reverse geocoding to get the address when they have been provided a less specific location. It seems I can do one or the other using the pulldata function, but not both. Any thoughts on how I might accomplish this? 

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Check the attached XLSForm. It may give you some ideas.

IMPORTANT: When authoring your XLSForm, make sure your first geopoint question does not have a bind::esriFieldType value set to null. Otherwise, you will get an error when submitting. This is a known BUG in Survey123 Connect. 

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