Geopoint placing survey entries in centre of world map

03-25-2021 04:05 AM
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I have a geopoint question in my survey, this morning it has stopped working and started placing new records in the centre of the world map even though I am entering my location as normal.

Can I get a solution on how to resolve this? Is it something to do with the field type etc in the csv?

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Hi Matthew,

I think I need more information to be able to help troubleshoot. Are you saying that if you add a new point, your input is being ignored and the resulting point is added at 0,0 (Lat,Long)? Are you using a pulldata() function to calculate your geopoint location from a CSV file? 

What Survey123 version, device and operating system version are you using? I'm assuming you're using the field app (as opposed to the Survey123 webapp) right?  If possible, can you provide your xlsform for further investigation?



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Hi Brett 

Thanks for speedy reply.

  • Yes, when new points are added the input is being ignored and the placement is at 0,0 when i look at the feature layer
  • I'm not using pull data, just a simple geopoint question.
  • I am using the most current version, building in Connect and using a webapp not a field app.
  • I've tried deleting the geopoint question and putting a new one in, this only works temporarily and then reverts to placing points at 0,0
  • This is the survey 
  • I've attached the CSV 

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing your survey. It always helps figuring things out.

I added a point in your live survey in an attempt to reproduce the problem you are describing. I could not reproduce the problem. As shown in the screenshot below, the developer tools in the web browser indicate that the point geometry is sent correctly.


I believe the problem here is that users may not be providing a location when completing the form. You could make your geopoint question required to avoid this. 

In a second test, I was able to send the form after answering 'Yes' to Are you happy for us to plot your garden on a public map to show wildlife gardens in Surrey?, while leaving the map question empty.   In that case, you would expect the user to enter a location, but if the map question is left unanswered, the geopoint value will be null (as expected). Again, making the geopoint question required should avoid this situation.

The form looks REALLY nice and I like the way you used hidden questions for your calculations. Well done!

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Thank you Ismael! So you think it is most likely a user error? I did replicate it myself after *definitely* placing a point but that was before I deleted and replaced the question.

If I make the geopoint question required, which sounds like a good solution, will that only be required if the relevance conditions are fulfilled? (e.g. they ticked yes, they would like to be shown on the map)

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