Geopoint moves when the map is opened for review in field app

08-10-2023 02:25 PM
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I have a survey with basic map where the user clicks the location and submit.  Works fine until the reviewer opens the map in the field app.  As the reviewer zooms in or pan around the point stays in the center of the screen and moves with the map.  There is no way to tell where the point should be and if they submit, the correct point location is lost.  This is the oddest map behavior.  A placed point should stay where it's placed.  Is there someway to disable this besides making the map read only?

This is on PC if it matters.

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I think you should build another workflow for the reviewers, e.g., using a normal web map or some kind of web application. If you open the submitted form in the Survey123 field app you are automatically editing it. So if you pan around in the map you are editing the position of the point. (I have not doublechecked this but I guess this is what is going on). 

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I agree that what is happening is expected behavior with the way the app works. It assumes that the second user opening the record is there to improve the data and it may recalculate the geopoint question. 

I've found this to be a valuable reference when designing forms that will be re-opened by editors or reviewers:

I wonder if using 'calculationMode=whenEmpty' for your geopoint field would then make it work as you'd like?

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You could try making the bind::esri:fieldType to null. It should load the geometry on the form, but not submit the geometry value when you go edit. Make sure you test this first, and add a hint to your end users.

Not confident it works as we wanted to lock down geometry editing at a view level and it broke survey123, even when the above was null. Seemed like it always wants to apply a geometry edit. See here

ENH-000158733: Provide the ability to edit existing Survey123 records via Inbox as a non-owner/non-administrator if the feature layer has allowGeometryUpdates set to false and the geopoint question is read-only/null.

What we ended up doing was:

  • Make the map read only
  • Add a Height=40% or larger to the body::esri:style column to make the map larger
  • Configure the map zoom levels so it's zoomed in further.
  • Encouraged the user to go back to the Inbox overview map if they want to see it

On PC, reviewing, I'd suggest making the map read only in Survey123 and leveraging access to a web mapping application as Andreas suggested. They can move the point there, and open the inbox survey (where the geopoint question is read only, or even not in the form at all)

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I wonder if Calculation mode set to whenEmpty or manual would work? 

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Thank you everyone for the responses.  I will use an alternate application for reviewing and editing submitted geopoints. 

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