Geolocate to Address or Address to Geolocate feature?

07-23-2019 03:02 PM
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Is there a way to either:

1) use a geopoint question where a resident is asked to type in their address in the "find address search" bar such that the full address (in addition to being mapped) also be pushed to a new field to capture as a string?  For instance, if a resident entered "55 Main St Anaheim CA", Survey123 in the background would push the full address (street #, street name, state, zip) to a new field to store in the database?


2) Use string questions to collect an address a resident manually has to enter into the survey and then perform a "calc" in the background to geo-locate this address?  For this option, I'm looking for Survey123 to do the geo-locate so the native feature layer has the spatial data - I wouldn't want to manually geo-locate.

Thank you for any/all insight.

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Hi Nate

Thanks for your query. The first method can be partially achieved with reverse geocoding, which is detailed here and in this blog. Depending on the coordinates, locator service used, etc. the details returned may not exactly match what was originally typed into the geosearch bar.

The second method you describe isn't currently possible, however we already have this logged as an enhancement request to consider in the future; I've added your comments to it and will endeavour to keep this post updated with any progress.