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Generic submission error

07-18-2022 05:38 PM
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User has Survey123 version 3.15.145 installed on Android. User successfully submitted 3 surveys. The same day on same device 2 additional surveys got stuck in the outbox; he cannot send them to me. We tried multiple times on different wifi connections.

User's phone is in Spanish, the error in below screenshot translates to: 

Send Error

This survey couldn't be sent due to the following error:

(then it just lists different fields in the survey, all which seem to have correct responses)

Then it asks if the user wants to edit the survey. Upon choosing Yes and re-sending, the error persists.


Survey123 error.png

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HI i have a similar problem and was a particular field that have some especial text. To find what field is with problem , activate the Diagnostic in the settings of survey and see the logs that it create when you do the send. The logs says what field is with error. If have problem reading the logs then do a trial and error test. If you have the inbox enable try erase some fields that have text and send. If works the open again from inbox and fill in the fields but one at time and send again.

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Since it says .jpg my fist guess would be trying to attach a really big photo.  Try that.  Hope it helps.

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