Game Questions for K-12 using Survey123

06-25-2021 08:08 AM
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I want to create a game where students have to answer a number of questions and create geopoints for each of the correct answers.

I tried Survey123 web design, but it only allows me to create ONE point location per survey (I am losing sleep over this decision to just include one location per survey!!! 😫)

I am trying Survey123 Connect as I have seen posts regarding repeat.  I am not a programmer/developer, but I am doing my best.  What command do I need to include in the spreadsheet to say - if the answer is the correct move to the next questions, but if NOT, the student would have to guess the correct answer before they can create the point. 

Any suggestions?   

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Hello @AnaGomez

The reason only one point location can be added per survey is because feature services in ArcGIS can only have one geometry (be it point, line, or polygon).

Repeats are definitely a feasible workflow to include multiple geopoint/geotrace/geoshape questions in a survey. Another option if you dont need the geometry stored in the record collected is to skip repeats and set the additional geopoint/geotrace/geoshape questions bind::esri:fieldType to 'null' that way you can store one geometry and include as many other geometry questions in the survey as you like. 

To answer your question on what's needed to set the logic where if the answer is correct move the next question is to set the relevant column on the geopoint question. For example in the relevant column you would insert something like ${select_one_question}='blue' meaning the geopoint question will only dispaly if blue is selected in the select_one question. 

I've attached 2 XLSforms, one uses the workflow of using repeats, and the other uses null for the bind::esri:field:type. 

What you can also do if you are more comfortable with the web designer is design the survey without the maps in the website, and then download the survey in Connect and add your maps and relevancy there. 

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