Format of event data sent in webhook

08-20-2019 01:09 PM
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Is the survey data attached to the webhook payload URL formatted in JSON? Is there an example of what it would look like? 

I assume it looks like the following:



         "Attribute1": value,

         "Attribute2": value,

         "Attribute3": value



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Mario,

We plan on providing formal documentation on the webhook payload in the future; it's a bit more complex and part of it will be dependent on the structure of the form as well.  The easiest way to get a payload for your form is to register a webhook and observe the submission attempt in a browser's developer tools.

At a high level, the payload is a JSON object:

    "eventType": "add"|"edit",
    "portalInfo": {},
    "surveyInfo": {},
    "userInfo": {},
    "applyEdits": [],
    "response" : {},
    "feature": {}

The feature resource will be the most direct access point to the survey data, with a set of question:answer key/values.

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