Forcing Type to Integer when working with select_one_external

09-14-2016 02:29 PM
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I am using cascading selects, with concatenations of the previous selections to define the choice list for the subsequent selection. All the data are integers and the concatenations need to be as well. However, there are inconsistencies I cannot figure out. For example, the Permit Area values are typed as "select_one dpa_num", with the selection choices in the "choices" tab, and they display correctly (see below).  Those with selections in the "external-choices" tab seem to be the problem. Township is typed as "select_one_external township_num". Note that the first value shows below as a number with 1 decimal place (26.0) while the others display correctly. In the "external_choices" tab the first one (26.0) displays as 26. The rest of them also display as integers, but are showing the Excel warning "number stored as text". As long as I don't address this the numbers display properly in the form. Once I address this, even if I choose Ignore, the numbers no longer display as integers. So, in the example below the Section choices are not showing because the Range Town DPA concatenation is 17.0_112_339 when it should be 17_112_339.  I have confirmed that the cascading select works properly when the concatenation matches the choice list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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