Filtering Survey Responses by Location Using a Buffer

05-29-2021 10:25 AM
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Hi, I have created a survey in Survey123 where the participants marked their general location on the map - however, some of the responses are outside of my study area. I have created a buffer of the study area and would like to filter those responses that are within the buffer. I tried to filter by location in Survey123 but I am only able to filter by map extent and I am unable to add my buffer into the map layer - I am only able to add my buffer when I view my survey results in Map Viewer. I don't necessarily want to delete the survey responses that are outside of the buffer.  Is there a way I can filter by location using the buffer to select the points? Alternatively is there a way to create a copy of all my responses in Survey123 so that I can analyse one set of responses without fear of losing my data.


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Hello @com ,

Your survey responses are stored in an ArcGIS layer. You can conduct this analysis (select points within your study area buffer) using ArcGIS Pro, Desktop or Online. As you mentioned, you can also conduct this analysis directly in the Survey123 website (when using the 'Open in Map Viewer' option). Just add your buffer layer, then go to the 'Analysis' tab. Here you can perform a variety of different analyses - it sounds like you may want to use 'Find Existing Locations'. Analysis results can be stored in a new layer (you specify) so you will not lose your input data.


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