Filtering a Cascading Select

02-21-2023 03:01 PM
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I'm creating a survey for an electric system to collect the phase information. I want the possible downline phasing options to filter based upon the data collected. If Three Phase is chosen, the downline possibilities can be anything from the Phasing choice list. If Two Phase is chosen, the downline possibilities can only be Two or Single phase options that include that letter. If Single Phase is chosen, that phase is the only downline possibility.

Here is the Cascading Selects lists I have created:


Here are the Choice Filters I have tried:
(if${phasing2}='A'), (${phasenorth}='A')

(selected(${phase2}, phase)) or (selected(${phase2}, takeoff))

if${phase2}='Single', not(selected(${phase2}, takeoff))


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I love how your mind works! 

I believe the way you'll do this is to use the relevant field and add code ${phasing2} = 'A' or ${phasenorth} ='A'

Let me know how that works for you.

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Unfortunately, that didn't work.  😞

I'm now wondering if I should create a new geotrace survey and collect the information about the conductor in line form rather than in point form. Can I select a line in a webmap and pull that geometry into a Survey to create a feature like I can with a point?

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