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Filling a field in a 1st form from a field in a 2nd form

05-03-2022 03:04 AM
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I created a 1st form where I resigned the name of an observation "NAME OBSERVATION".
I created a 2nd form with a "NAME OBSERVATION" field.
I want to automatically fill in the "NAME OBSERVATION" field of the 2nd form from the "NAME OBSERVATION" field of the 1st form.
How can I do please.

More information :
- My forms are stored on ArcGis Onlien.
- I use my phone to collect data in the field. Probably, there is no internet connection.
- Solution found, but I can't implement it:

@IsmaelChivite @JulieWebb  @

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Basically you create a link in your Form1 to your Form2 and pass the default value for a specific field.

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