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07-11-2018 06:15 AM
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I have a survey with single choice values. When I view the input to the survey in Survey123, the information is displayed as the values, and also in ArcGIS Pro when clicking on a point or viewing an attribute table.

However, when I still in ArcGIS Pro do a Symbology on Unique Values, I will only see the values "choice0", "choice1" etc. and not the asked values.


Clicking on a point:

Content of attribute table:

Classes in the Symbology on a layer:

Is there anything, I can do to change this? Or would it be a feature request.

Obviously I will just type in corresponding values for now.

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Hi Karl,

This is by design in ArcGIS Pro, the values are used for the symbology options on a layer. You could log this as a feature request with ArcGIS Pro team if you would like to display the labels.

However, for future surveys you create by web designer on survey123 website, you can rename you choice lists before you publish to display more meaningful values.


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