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Field App (3.18) Crashing / Closing Form on Image Questions When Committing or Closing Image (iOS)

07-11-2023 02:05 PM
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Version 3.18 of the field app is crashing on iOS devices (16.5.1 OS) after capturing an image for an image question.  After the photo is captured, when committing (bottom right check button) or closing out (top left back button) in the review screen, we're seeing widespread crashing/closing of the form in-progress (losing in-progress data).

The registration of the touch, on those buttons, seems sticky / unresponsive.  The crash events are not consistent on every record/image captured.

Unstable is the behavior we've been seeing.

Diagnostics are logging "Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment" before crashing.

Support request was a dead end, unable to replicate the issue, apparently.  We have large numbers of end users on both personal and managed iOS devices seeing the same behavior.  Hoping for some answers / confirmation by casting a wider net here.

The issue seems isolated to the field app, survey's published from current and previous connect versions experience the same problem in the field app post 3.18 update (with deployments on enterprise portal and arcgis online).

We've been able to replicate the issue, across image size definitions (unrestricted, and restricted to specific dimensions).

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Hi @aland,

Is it possible to share the xlsx form with us to reproduce this issue? Could you eliminate all the private information and provide us with the xlsx just for testing? 



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Hi Alison, we've narrowed down the issue to a form including a position(..) calculation in a repeat.

In this basic form example, the image question is outside of the repeat.  The repeat contains 1 question with a position(..) calculation.

Taking a photo is a non-issue, as the photo commits to the question on capture.  Open the photo back up for review, and navigate back out of it, on click to navigate out of the image review state is where we're seeing this.

If the image question had an annotate appearance, the photo does not commit to the question on capture, the user is given the chance to review/annotate, and the issue occurs when committing or navigating out of the image.

So, the problem area (or at least where we're seeing the form crash), is in the image review state, and navigating out of it.

Remove the position(..) calculation from the repeat question, stability is regained.

As you can see, this is about as vanilla of an example as it gets:

We heavily utilize position(..) calculations in repeats, and have been for some time.  This issue started occurring after the last 3.18 field app update on existing forms in-production.


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I was having this same issue starting with the update to version 3.18 on many different iOS devices.After taking photos, switching pages in the form would lag a bit, and then crash without having a recoverable draft. I updated the forms to remove the position calculation and it seemed to fix the problem.

I have had the position calculation in the form for over a year, through thousands of surveys, without any issues. Hopefully @hey fix this issue in the next update so that I can put the position calculation back in.

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Having this same issue with version 3.19. I thought it might be the dynamic naming of the photo. Our survey crashes, removing all collected data, when the user takes a photo (outside of any repeats at the end of the survey) and then opens it to look at it. 

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