Feature report syntax error where it should not exist

05-25-2023 12:58 PM
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Hello all,

Having a weird issue that I feel like I should be experienced enough to work out; alas, I cannot.

The good ol' Report Template Manager on the Survey123 website has an issue with a report template of mine. Specifically, it tells me 'Failed to parse ${weather_auto} since weather_auto cannot be found in the current parsing scope.'

Here is a screenshot of the syntax in the feature report template that is causing the issue:



...and here is a screenshot of the XLSForm that generates the survey, with the fields meant to be in the feature report highlighted:


These particular fields come almost at the very beginning of my survey, and have been there through many design iterations of the survey as well as the report. Additionally, you might recognize that I am using Esri's tutorial methodology to pull weather based on a geopoint, and again this functionality has always worked since I implemented it many months ago. I have published and republished this survey to assure myself that the problematic fields are indeed a part of the survey schema, and checked and rechecked that they are indeed in the same parsing scope as other fields on this particular page of my report, which they are. Even weirder, ${weather_city} does not cause a syntax issue, even though it immediately precedes the fields causing an issue.

I have no idea why this would cause an error now. Can anyone elucidate for me?


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Hmmm, based on your screenshots, nothing really sticks out to me either. Would you be willing to share your XLS form and Report Template documents?


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Sending you a DM!

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