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Feature Report for each Individual Repeat Record Added

04-30-2021 01:32 PM
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I'm working on a feature report with a repeat table that captures individual addresses for retail locations. The main survey captures data from the main company. I want to create a template that creates an individual license for each retail location using a report template. Right now it puts every repeat value into one report but I want them split so that location a has its own separate license than location b. Is this a syntax issue or the type of feature report?

Thank you!

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Hi @dnykodym 

Thanks for sharing here. The repeat instances within one record cannot be split into multiple reports, however, you can create another survey from the existing repeat layer, then each repeat instance can be handled as a record. 

Here is the steps:

1. Open connect -> + New survey -> Feature service, select the feature service

2. Go to settings tab -> fill the name of your repeat table in the form_id field


3. Go to survey tab -> delete all fields outside the repeat Ruth_JiatengXu_0-1625541930882.png

4. Publish the survey, and you will have the survey with every repeat instance as a record.




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Hi Ruth,

Sorry I haven't responded back in a while but that process worked perfectly! Thank you for the workflow to get that going.

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