Feature Report Fails Causing Integromat Scenario to Fail

12-07-2021 01:06 PM
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I'm experiencing two issues with our Survey123 feature reports and Integromat automation. Our report template uses a map to show project location. The associated map data layers are public-facing and work just fine for a few weeks, but then I start to get this failed-to-print error. I change the map, and it works for a little while, but the errors start again.

Feature Report Error.png

The second thing that happens after the report fails is that it causes my Integromat scenario to fail. The Integromat error tells me that it's missing the URL parameter. I feel like I'm getting this error because the feature report template fails to run, so it fails to create the URL parameter the HTTP module is trying to reference.


To troubleshoot, I take out the reference to the webmap (highlighted below) in the report template and overwrite the template in my Survey123 account. I turn the Integromat scenario back on, run it, and then it works just fine. 

Report Template.png

What is going on with my template report map? Why do they work sometimes and then fail sometimes?

All of the screenshots and report template are added to this post as attachments

Thank you for your time!



*** On a side note*** Sometimes, when my Integromat scenario errors out and stops it clears the report template I have selected in the report module. I have to go back in and re-select the correct template before saving the scenario. I don't know why it does this, but now I check it every time before saving and running the scenario after it errors out.

***EDIT*** ^^^This seems to happen after I overwrite the file used to create the template in Survey123. Even though the file name isn't changing, something behind the scenes must be happening to make Integromat drop the report template from the module.


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Hello @AlexRudowski

When you see the report fail to generate in Integromat does it also fail from the Survey123 website Data tab or does it work from the Data tab? 

Thank you,
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Zach, thanks for getting back to me.

I don't see the report failing to generate in Integromat. Integromat says that the scenario fails on the HTTP module when it fails to retrieve the URL for the report (second screenshot from above). At this point,  I check the recent tasks in the Survey123  Data tab under the Report tab (first screenshot from above). If this report fails, my Integromat scenario also fails and stops.

Here's what my recent tasks look like:



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@IsmaelChivite Hi Ismael, thanks for speaking at our UGIC conference in Bryce last fall. It was good to hear about some of the things Integromat is working on with Survey123 automation.

Do you know what could be causing the issue with my map in the Survey123 report module above?

Thanks for your time!

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