Feature Report Error

03-02-2020 11:53 AM
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I am getting a feature report error from the default generated report template...

      Error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse ${FullTowerFace2-3 | size:460:0}.       Field ${FullTowerFace2-3 } does not exist or cannot be found in current parsing scope.

The field is an image type an appears to be fine in the Survey123 Data Viewer tool, but loading the generated template crashes...



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UPDATE:  It is the dash in the Name of the image that causes the Feature Report engine to crash... 

${FullTowerFace2-3 } with the dash in it causes the error initially submitted.  

I recreated the survey with ${FullTowerFace23 } and everything started to work...

This is a bug in the Feature Report functionality.

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