failure to republish survey with additional fields

08-01-2019 04:32 PM
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I am trying to republish a survey to which I have added fields (both within and outside of repeats).  The publishing process hangs without giving any error messages. It appears to have added the fields outside of the repeats the first time I attempted to republish but won't add those within the repeats.  I read about this issue somewhere else so deliberately added fields outside.

I tried unchecking the webforms option as we really only need the field form.  This is in development phase so I'm happy to wipe the existing data.  I am using S123 Connect version 3.5.157 and am signed in.

Is it possible to republish to the same feature service?  Alternatively what's the best method of taking down the feature service and publishing the survey afresh?


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Hi Vanessa,

Not sure why republishing the survey hangs in Connect. Did it validate your form before it hung?

If you are adding new fields to a S123 form and if these fields do not exist in the feature service, you can add new fields directly to the feature service using AGOL/Portal UI. Simply go to the feature layer and go to "Data" tab instead of Overview, select the layer you wish to add fields to and click add field. Then try to republish the survey.

example for add fields