Extract variable substring using substr()

12-18-2020 02:37 PM
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Using Survey123 3.11.164 on an iPad. I am passing a variable parameter to the form and I want to parse the first part of the string up to the first space. The calculation field functions do not include a 'find' function to locate the position of the end of my substring. I tried using pulldata and JavaScript to parse the string. It works on the  Desktop Connect and the Client, but it does not work on the iPad. The Publishing does not seem to pull the script, it fails with the JavaScript not found error, and so I am getting back my input string.

Is there any way to either (a) make the JavaScript work on iPad, or (b) parse my input parameter to the first space character?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi. Your custom JS function should work in your iPad.  Windows is not case sensitive, but iOS is. Check your pulldata expression and make sure you are referencing the JS file correctly.

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