Extract data from a field of a survey/feature layer to offer them in a list of choices for a new survey with Pulldata and Javascript

09-01-2020 07:41 AM
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I would like to suggest to the survey a list of choices that would be made up of the values of a field contained in a Survey123 - feature layer - service Arcgis Online. I think it is possible with Java Script and Pulldata. But I am new to the subject if someone has an idea and a piece of code I am interested

Thank you


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Hi Julien

The pulldata('@javascript') functionality is designed to retrieve one value (though it could be a complex value like an area) to populate the value of a question. It cannot be used to set the choices of a list.

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Hi Julien,

Just letting you know that in the latest 3.12 beta builds available on the Survey123 Early Adopter Community we have made significant improvements to large choice lists which improve the survey load time in both Connect and the field app.

On top of this there are now some new ways you can manage your choice lists dynamically and update them without having to republish the survey, meaning choice lists can now be populated and updated dynamically from a CSV file or hosted table shared in ArcGIS or directly from a feature service using the search() function. Please check out the latest announcement on EAC and test out these new beta features with the latest 3.12 beta builds.



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Hi Phil 

Thanks, yes I went through the elements early this morning! Great !