Exposing geotrace and geoshape Vertices for Precise Coordinate Editing

04-28-2023 10:13 AM
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Trying to create a survey to enter maritime/marine navigational warnings.  The struggle point - providing an interface for the form-filler/user to enter specific lat/long coordinates for things like rocket launch zones (an area) or a boat parade route (a line.)  The vertex method is getting me closer to what I need, but not close enough as I can't figure out how to expose and edit the coordinates for the vertices that have been laid down.  

For a recent example in the news, let's pretend I was trying to create the launch hazard (a fictional one) area for the recently launched and blown up rocket launch from South Texas:


Now, the coordinates for these 5 fictitious points are actually listed in regulation and need to reflect the exact Lat/Long in the regulation.  "Eyeballing it" is completely unsatisfactory since this data, after it creation, is intended to be shared with the maritime public.  

I'm assuming/hoping that there is some parameter that I could set in my Survey123 Connect form (attached) to somehow turn on an option that would enable XY fields to appear so that the Lat/Long could be manually edited to match the positions published in regulations (or in the case of some commercial space areas, are provided by literal rocket scientists for dissemination to maritime interests as they get closer to launch day.)  

I hope I explained my conundrum well enough to make sense.  Hoping someone knows a solution because I've googled and read a lot and still can't seem to conquer this short coming.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk,


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The map control in Survey123 does not have a coordinate-input method you can use to update the coordinates of a vertex in a polygon or line.  This could make a good ArcGIS idea for consideration.

As an alternative, what about the approach described in the animation below? Essentially, you ask people to enter the coordinates of the vertices, and you dynamically build the polygon or polyline on the fly.



Attaching the XLSForm so you can play with it and see if that would work for you. 

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OOOH!!!  This looks like what I need.  Thanks so much...looking forward to playing around with it on Monday, I'll let you know how it works out.

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Hi Ismael - Is there a way to flip this and pull the coordinates for the vertices created by a geotrace or geoshape? I would like my field worker to create a line and then utilize the final vertex point coordinate as input to an intersect query. Thanks!

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Just following up/closing the loop.  This worked pretty darn well.  It looks like all I've gotta do now is set the bind::esri:fieldType parameter for the coordinate entry to null so that it won't throw an error for having two geometries in a repeat. 

It sure would be nice to have a cleaner user experience for editing vertices, so I'll be submitting an enhancement request...eventually.

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Your development is very useful.
I have a similar need, but a new situation is added to this: the coordinates of the points are expressed in a projected system. (For example UTM 19 S WGS 84)
So the logic would be to add the projected coordinates, and then transform them to latitude and longitude so that they can be taken to build the polygon.
The question is if there is any alternative that allows me to do this calculation automatically in the form and draw the polygon, without user intervention.
Thank you very much in advance for your response.

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