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03-31-2016 11:43 AM
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Does anyone know if there is a way to export out a survey as a PDF to save the results as a hard copy document rather a CSV, shapefile, or Geodatabase?

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Hi Rickey,

As Doug mentions, over the summer we introduced a new feature to the Survey123 website - the ability to author a printable template and generate a Microsoft Word document for printing.  This feature is still under active development and we are working to improve the capabilities.  For more information, loo at Print individual responses—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

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I know this is late in the game for the original post but we have developed our own reporting tool using FME Desktop to generate PDF reports twice a day for data and pictures captured in Survey123 in the field. We run it from FME Server and it pulls everything we need from the last 12 hours (Since they wanted these reports at the end of each 12 hour shift) and puts it into a PDF layout we have designed via the software. It attaches the PDF to an email we designed and is sent to whoever submitted the survey. We also use a list stored on ArcGIS Online where we keep contract company emails so that it will also be sent to everyone from that particular contract company that needs to receive it. We also specify email recipients internal to the company who have an interest in seeing the data that is being captured.

The look is a no frills look, but that's exactly what we wanted.

This is the email generated:

Following is the PDF we generate:

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This is great! Are you using AGOL or Survey123 Connect to create your surveys?


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Gary we are using Survey123 for the surveys.

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Hi Tony.  Can you expand on your FME process (and which version) to generate the .pdf and email?  I'm particularly interested in attaching to photos.

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You should join the Early Adopter Survey123 Community and take a look deeper into the web hook automation that was enabled with version 3.0 release. Within the earlier adopter program, there is some documentation on how to automate the creation of a PDF version of a Survey123 form upon submittal of a new record. You will also have to look into the use of "custom reports" with Survey123. Here are two articles that outline the process and you'll need to join the early adopter program for the correct scenario within Integromat and generating the PDF files.



There will be a little footwork involved with the setup, but once you get down the basic logic behind how and why, then a lot of things can be setup to post process the data that is being submitted. Auto-generated PDF files, population of excel files, pulling of attachments, auto-generated email notifications, and much more.

It really is worth the journey down the rabbit hole on this one as it has and still continuing to open a lot of doors for us.

Good Luck,


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Thanks Mike.  We have been meaning to test that out.... In the meantime, we were able to accomplish what we needed using FME.

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We absolutely need this functionality!! How else to attach copies of research surveys into appendices!!!