Export from survey123 web not working

09-30-2021 06:31 AM
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Our client has an issue where when they try to export filtered Survey123 data from the Survey123 website, it hangs and never completes.


Is there anyone that can assist with this?


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Hi @DeonLengton ,

Are you able to export from the Item Details page of the feature service?  Survey123 uses ArcGIS Online's Export data capability; if export works there but not in the Survey123 website, then there is an issue that needs to be addressed in the website.

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Morning James,

I've found the same issue, seems to only happen when you apply a filter to the records. If you export the entire database there is no issue. I've been able to export from ArcOnline and Survey123.

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Hi @DeonLengton , 

A defect has been logged against this behavior and will be reviewed by our colleagues.


Synopsis: When attempting to export survey data by CSV, Excel, or Shapefile in Survey123, the export process hangs and never completes if a filter is applied to any date field.


In the meantime,  I'm not sure if this can be a viable workaround but it seems like the data can be exported successfully when the filter for the Date Field uses the "in the last" or the "not in the last" operators.




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