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04-27-2021 01:41 PM
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I had a Survey123 embedded into my Experience Builder app and I noticed when I logged in today that the survey widget comes up completely blank.

I made a new map from scratch and had the same issue. 

All of my surveys are working fine within the Survey123 app and online and all of my maps are working fine as well.


Does anyone know what would cause this and/or if there is a bug that many people are experiencing today?


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @Lexicon1950 ,

Thanks for reaching to us.

We had an update of the Survey123 website for back-end architecture change last night (PST). An issue was identified that affects the Survey widget in Experience Builder, including both the builder and apps. We plan to have an update to fix this a few hours later.




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@Lexicon1950 ,

The Survey123 website has been updated with the fix, all surveys in Experience Builder apps should work normally now. Please let us know if you still observe any issues.


Thanks again for your feedback.




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Hi @ZhifangWang,

I experiencing a similar problem, I have public Survey123 embedded into my Experience Builder app, when I use my smartphone and enter the location in the map (Survey123), the map goes blank, it work well with any other devices, laptop or tablet. 

here is he link to the experience: link to experience 

Any ideas are welcome



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