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Error when I use the calculate feature, on repeat records in survey123.

05-19-2020 11:09 AM
Esri Contributor



I’m experiencing what I believe is a bug when using Survey123, specifically utilizing the calculate feature, on repeat records in survey123.


Currently I have two surveys configured. The first survey acts as the initial collection survey. In this particular survey (I’ll be referring to it as ‘Initial Survey’) I have four fields (namely ‘Municipio’, ‘Area’, ‘UnidadEspecializada’, and ‘FechaHoraOcupacion’). When the user collects data, these fields are amongst the first to get collected by the user. Then I’m able to make reference to them in the repeats using the calculate column in the excel spreadsheet. Effectively, I’m copying the value first entered on these fields on the primary table, to related tables.


On the Initial Survey, this seems to be working perfectly, however, I have also configured a second survey used for quality control purposes this second survey is using the same feature service as the first. The idea is that a certain group of users collect the initial data using the Initial Survey, then a second group of users is responsible for reviewing the collected data, and make corrections as needed. For this second survey (which I’ll be referring to as QC Survey) I’ve configured a near identical survey, which points at the same data as the Initial Survey does, using the submission url.

The problem I’m experiencing, is that if the QC users access the already submitted data, via the inbox feature, and change the value for one of the fields I mentioned beforehand (‘Municipio’, ‘Area’, ‘UnidadEspecializada’, and ‘FechaHoraOcupacion’), the value on the repeat tables does not update. I’ve then tried to get the calculate operation to occur, playing around with the ‘relevant’ row, and I’ve been able to get the calculation to occur, but only to one of the n repeat records.


My question then becomes, is this described behavior normal, or is it a bug? Also if there are any alternatives, or any procedures I must take to get this to work as I intend, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am using:

Survey123: 3.9.149
Survey123 Connect: 3.7.62


Looking forward to hear from you.


Diego Llamas

James Tedrick

Ismael Chivite

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Diego,

Apologies for the delay.  We would need to see the forms to be able to better understand how the editing behavior you describe is working or not.  Could you forward them to jtedrick At

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