Error when generating report in Survey 123 web

03-08-2019 12:00 AM
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Good morning, we have been using a service fed survey123 surveys since last year with very good results. Since the last update we are having unexpected results when getting the reports on the site survey123 web. One of the problems that I can not find an explanation results after starting the process of generating the report, the message is the following:

As I said the template already we have used it for a long time and when relizar its load in website survey123 the verification that makes the system was successful:

I would appreciate any indication.  Thank you
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Hello Fco Javier Romero,

Does this error occur everytime you try to generate a report using this template?  You mentioned that you have been using a 'service fed'....can you please clarify?  How many reports do you typically attempt to generate at once?

I see that you are referencing an existing web map in the parameters for the geopoint question.  Does this error still occur when referencing a different web map, or when not referencing a web map at all? 

If the error still occurs when no web map is referenced, please upload the template to this thread or if preferred, I can send my email so that you can send it to me.  If it does not occur when omitting the web map parameter, we can approach the behavior from that angle.



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Hi, it must be an error in the servers or network, since today I tried it again and it works perfectly. Thanks for everything. A greeting.