Error Code 400 When Searching for Surveys

02-05-2021 03:17 PM
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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me.  I have a survey that connects to existing feature service.  Everything works fine for me in terms of when I open the form, select the inbox then refresh to download forms based on location the forms download to my device no problem.  The issue that I am having is that I have shared the form with someone outside our organization.  When they login using there credentials they can download the form no problem but when they hit the refresh button to download records to their device they get the below 400 error.  Has anyone experienced this.  I have other  in our organization to see if they get the issue but they do not.  I'm thinking it's a permission issue but if that was the case why would they be able to download the form?  




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Hi Eric,

The survey form item consists of the questions and form configuration. When we collect a survey the answers are submitted against the target feature service. In order to submit responses, you need access to the form item AND the feature service alongside the necessary editing privileges.

These form and feature service are separate items. If you were to share a survey via the Survey123 website, it would update the sharing of both items in your portal. If we manually shared only the form item, other users would likely encounter a permissions error on submission. They can collect and submit the data, but without the permissions to access and edit the feature service it will not be successful.

When we use the Inbox, it also places a request to query the existing records in the feature service.

I would suggest taking a look at the sharing and editing settings on the target feature service to ensure the user has access.


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Thanks Chris for your reply.  I checked the sharing settings and the feature service is shared with a group and the person that I am trying to get access to is part of the group.  Below are the settings on my feature service.  They appear to be set properly.  Do they look correct to you?  Thanks for your input on this.




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I have the same problem, I checked the sharing and editing settings, they are enabled.

Any other ideas to solve this problem?


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Eric and Tatiana,

Are you able to share more information on how the survey is configured and shared?

Do you have an inbox filter? Can you provide an XLSForm?

Tatiana is the user experiencing the issue also external to your organization?

What version is the published survey? What version is the field app?



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