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02-10-2023 07:08 AM
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Hi everyone, 


I'm hoping I can get some troubleshooting tips for a Survey123 form. I have published a form via survey123 connect, and for me it works fine - I can submit a response no problem. However, one of our contributors gets an Error 400 message when they try to submit a response on their desktop. We did a walkthrough on teams and the problem persists when the cache and cookies have been cleared, and also when using another browser. There's an option to submit an image, and the error persists with or without an image being submitted.


I must admit, I'm at a bit of a loss here as I'm unable to replicate the error on my laptop - has anyone got any troubleshooting tips?

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Hello @SeanDugan

Based on the description it sounds like your colleague is trying to submit using the web app correct? In that scenario I would suggest using the browsers developer tools to capture the network traffic when trying to submit the survey and see what error is in the applyEdits request. 

If you colleague is using the Survey123 Field App it would be helpful to obtain a diagnostic log when trying to submit a record from your colleagues machine. Please see this documentation for enabling diagnostic logs (You don't need to use the AppStudio console you can log to a file). 

A few other questions that would help would be: 

- What is your colleagues user type and role? 

- Is only one colleague running into the issue or multiple? 

- Is there a difference if your colleague tests on a different device like mobile phone or personal computer? 

- Is your survey published to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise? 

Thank you,
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